You don’t have to just take our word for it. Here are some of our patients and what they had to say about their experience at Victoria Street Optometrists:

I’ve been coming to Kylie and Isla for over four years for exams, contacts, glasses and specialised sports eyewear.  The service is always fantastic and they take the time to achieve the very best result for their customers.


I wish to express my appreciation on the immediate and professional care that was given me during my trip to New Zealand in summer 2016. My right eye was completely red, as in the movie Terminator 2, and I really didn’t feel comfortable walking around looking like that. Thanks to you I received the right kind of treatment that both cured my disease and made me feel comfortable about myself again (besides stopping the immense pain)!  My trip continued on to Bali, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand without further problems. I am forever thankful that it was your store I ran into!
Best wishes and thanks once again,


Have been a customer of Victoria Street Optometrists since I was still a university student years ago, and now I still go visit Kylie and Isla often as a loyal customer. Super convenient location, fast and easy communication, very professional and helpful eye-care service, and moreover, lovely wonderful ladies to talk to!  For all these years, I have witnessed the growth of this boutique eye-wear store and optometry clinic.  From the various selection of glasses, to the beautiful paintings/pictures on the wall, you can feel every bit of love and effort that the owners have put into this store.  But the only thing that has not changed is the quality of their service.  As a customer for years, I trust the advice that Kylie/Isla give me in regards to my eye-care, and their opinions on selecting a perfect pair of glasses for myself.  I have enjoyed every single visit and the service I have had there.  Would highly recommend to everybody!


What I really like about Isla and Kylie is that they’re enthusiastic about their work and obviously take it very seriously. I like to ask questions and understand what’s happening with my eyes – they’ve always welcomed that and gone out of their way to explain things. They’ve also been great when it’s come to choosing a frame. They tell me what they think – if a style suits me, for example – but I’ve never felt pressured to choose a particular style or brand.


Hi Kylie/Isla Just wanted to say thanks for the optometric experience. You were always so lovely when I came in and I adore my new glasses and have received about 6 million compliments on them. I got my test results back this morning and I’m clean (hurrah) so I’ll go back on Patanol for awhile, and make an appointment in the near future for further investigation. Thanks again,


Hi I have to let you know that Elise just got her mid year report and OMG!!!  She is doing so well and it is massively due to you and your prescription.  Thank you!  She is also less tired, and above National Standards for reading and writing.  My husband and I are really happy with our glasses too.  Thanks again for looking after our whole family’s eyes including our son.


Hi I just wanted to let you know what a rip-roaring success my latest pair of reading glasses are. You gave me some extra magnification and I can finally do things that I haven’t been able to do for ages (like thread a needle).


I love my new glasses. They look great and are so comfortable. I`m not getting headaches now and I don`t feel so tired at the end of a day staring at my computer. Thank you so much for you assistance and excellent taste in selecting the right frames for me. Regards


I love the spirited service from Kylie & Isla.  They go above and beyond to match the frame to the person.


Isla and Kylie offer the best optometry skills and kindest service that I have received in the 30 years that I have been wearing glasses. I love how they are always up-to-date with the latest developments in vision care, which they share in a really useful newsletter. I also appreciate their focus on quality service provision. They have a lovely range of specs to choose from, too, but the focus is always on vision care rather than hard sell – which I’ve experienced at other optometrists. I’ve recommended friends and family to their practice, all of whom have chosen to stay with Kylie and Isla, too.