Our Lenses

At Victoria Street Optometrists quality is important to us. Our main spectacle lens manufacturer is HOYA.

HOYA provides the latest technology lens designs, premium anti-reflection coatings, 100% UV protection and a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. They are conveniently located in Auckland enabling us to offer fast delivery times on your glasses.

“Wow faster than a speeding bullet. Will come by & collect my new glasses.” George

Broadly speaking lenses are described by their function. Single vision lenses have one strength or power in them. Prescription sunglass lenses have been tinted to offer sun protection from glare and UV light. They can be done in single vision or progressive lens designs. Sunglass lenses can be polarized which reduces the reflections off shiny surfaces like water and ice. Sunglass lenses can be non-polarized and this may be your preference with some electronic devices and car dashboards.

“They are the best sunglasses I have ever had. Even when I return inside I can see clearly and don`t have to rush to change them. Their clarity could be confused with not being dark enough but there is no glare to speak of. No more squinting and no more headaches. Wonderful.” Daniel


What are Multifocal Lenses?

Occupational lenses are designed for work in an office when you need less strength for the computer than you do for reading or desk work. To look through this lens you can notice the power shift but it is not visible to people looking at you wearing these lenses. Multi-focal lenses are designed to have distance strength when you look straight ahead and the lower portion of the lens has zones for computer and reading. Have the same cosmetic effects as described above for occupational lenses. Multi-focal lenses are also known as progressive or graduated lenses and they can be made in the latest free-form technology, which means the lenses is maximised in all zones for good vision and comfort for you the wearer.

With progressive lenses the latest lenses have free form technology which is about optimizing your vision at all distances in the lens. HOYA offers a 90 day warranty where if the progressive lens design doesn’t suit your needs it can be changed at no extra charge. We find this gives us and all wearers the confidence to try progressives. Bifocal lenses have 2 distinct zones for distance and near segment. This is quite an old technology and not a great option for computer uses. Lenses then can be classified by the material they are made from.

During your eye examination Kylie and Isla will demonstrate to you where your glasses will focus and you can try a progressive lens design as well as an occupational lens design to see if this is best for you.  We will all be able to tell by how you respond for the first time if we think we have the best solution for you.

“Hi Kylie & Isla I just wanted to let you know that having used my glasses all weekend and this morning on my computer at work, that they are fantastic. Thanks very much Helen :-)”

What features can my lenses have?

Lenses then can be classified by the material they are made from. The material has a refractive index which is a number that refers to how light moves through the lens.In simple terms the larger the number the thinner the lens will be. Most lenses are clear like a window but you can have lenses that darken in response to UV light. We offer 2 options HOYA’s Sensity, available in grey, green or brown; or Transitions. The shape of the front of the lens may also be mentioned to you if you are selecting single vision lenses. A spherical front has one curve and an aspheric has multiple curves to flatten and thin the lens. All HOYA lenses are hard coated which protects the lenses from wear and tear but they are not scratch proof. All HOYA lenses offer UV protection which is great as UV damage is linked with eye conditions like cataracts and causes skin ageing and cancer.

Diamond Finish is HOYA’s latest and best ever anti-reflection coating. It is a multi-layered coating to reduce reflections on your lenses, thus enabling you to see more clearly. Diamond Finish is dust and water repellent and tougher than glass in terms of scratch resistance. Blue Control is an anti-reflection coating designed specifically to reduce the discomfort of blue light emitted from electronic devices. This is a must for anyone in IT. The great news it comes added to the Diamond Finish coating so you get the best of both worlds.

“I am really impressed with how much more comfortable working on the computer is all day with this new blue coating” Michael

To learn more about HOYA and it’s extensive range of products:      HOYA logo