Frames & Brands

Watch how Tom Ford frames are designed and made, how the colour is created is amazing to see!

Frames – the right look and fit for you

We LOVE optical frames and sunglasses. It is truly amazing how it will change the way you feel about wearing them when you wear something that fits you well, suits you and is comfortable. We love hearing how you receive compliments in your new frames and sunnies. One of our favourite things to hear is when a client who had previously hated to wear their glasses, is now wearing them more than their contact lenses, as they are so happy with how they look.

Kylie and Isla handpick all the frames and sunglasses in store. We do this so we know what frames we have and what great options we can offer you. We know how hard it can sometimes be to find just the right frame, both in how it fits and how it looks. Isla has a small face, and so we always try to stock small frames that look sophisticated and on trend. Equally, we keep in stock frames for wider faces. There are many people who don’t fit the average size frame that most places stock and are delighted when they come in to see us and have a choice of several frames, rather than being told “this is the only one we have that will fit you”.

We always carry a range of glasses that are so much more than a “one size fits all”. We will spend the time to help you select a look that looks and feels great to see with and wear.

“All good. Loving them and having to fight off the hordes of people who do too. Can’t be bad.”

Nick – after getting his latest pair of new glasses from us.

Warranty and Maintenance

The frames we sell have either 12 or 24 months warranty on any manufacturing defect. We choose to use New Zealand based suppliers where possible to ensure we have great backup for spare parts and warranties.

Your frames do need some maintenance from time to time, like anything else you use every day. We are able to do minor repairs on site, and send your frames away for more complex repairs. We can adjust your frames to fit, (see Isla if you like your specs fitted firmly, and Kylie if you like them more relaxed). We also have an ultrasonic cleaner to keep your frames and lenses looking sparkling clean.

Adjustments are of no charge, but often clients wish to give something, and we ask them to put it in the collection box for the Foundation of the Blind. We have collected hundreds and hundreds of dollars for the Foundation thanks to this wonderful generosity!

Sunglasses can be prescription too!

Sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from UV, think of it like putting on your seatbelt when you get into the car, put your sunglasses on when heading outside.

They are also a fantastic way to show your flair for fashion. We stock a range from sporty to glamorous, and as much as possible, frames that can have prescription lenses put it in them.

We are always up-dating our stock and would never be able to pick just one favourite frame in store, so here are a few of our favourite brands to give you an idea of what you will find when you visit us at Victoria Street Optometrists.

Links to Brands:

Clicking on these links will give you some fresh ideas on what is fashionable in eyewear but nothing beats a visit in store to experience our advice on what frame choice is appropriate for your prescription and what you look fantastic in! Our desire is for you to leave us seeing well and looking great.

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