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Eyecare is more than an eyetest

If you are looking for a great optometrist in central Auckland – look no further!

Victoria Street Optometrists is the place to go and return to for great eye care and eyewear. We take the time to know your concerns, investigate the health of your eyes, assess your vision and visual needs, find you a solution that you see well with and that has exceeded your expectations. Our desire is for you to leave us seeing well and looking great.

An eye test is not just reading the letter chart to see how small you can go, it’s about how you see and the state of your eyes.  It is more than getting glasses or contact lenses – it’s a warrant of fitness for your eyes!

Click here for more information on what’s involved in a comprehensive eye examination.

“Thanks.no problem.my wife had her operation yesterday .your first inspection is correct.this is most important for our family.thank you very much.” – Mr Wu

Isla Optometrists Auckland

Isla Hills, optometrist

What happens in an eye test?

A thorough eye examination covers many aspects of the health of your eyes and your overall health and well-being, after all, your eyes are part of your body! When you come in for your appointment you will be asked a number of questions about your vision and visual tasks, the history of your eyes, and when you have had spectacles and contact lenses prescribed, about your general health, medications you take and even your family history. This is all done so that the optometrist knows what is important to you for your visual requirements, and also what eye or general health problems may need special care and attention. People of different age groups, family history, health problems, medications they are taking all have different risks for certain eye problems.

There are essential parts of the eye test that we do for everyone we examine, and others that may be done as needed. During the eye test, special tests will be done to evaluate for glaucoma, cataracts, macula degeneration, and many other eye conditions.  Seeing well now and into the future is not just about having the right prescription in your glasses. We check your eyes to ensure there are no concerns, and also document our findings to enable comparisons when you return next time.

“Thanks Isla – yeah, detached retina – thanks for spotting it! Just waiting for an appointment for surgery now.”- Peter

Continuity of care is very important to us. Your eye health and vision is paramount to us. We want you to regard us as “my optometrist” the person whose job it is to ensure I have healthy eyes that see well.

As we have both worn glasses since childhood and contact lenses since our late teens we really understand what it’s like. There is no test or technique we do that we haven’t had done on ourselves so we know what it feels like. Not many health practitioners can say that! We know our job and also what it feels like to visit an optometrist. We can guide you through every step of this extremely important process.

We have special equipment for checking visual fields, and treating dry eye. If you need a test done that we don’t have here, we will arrange for you to have it done elsewhere. If appropriate we can prescribe topical medication (eye drops) for dryness, allergy, inflammation and infection. Should the need arise to refer you to an ophthalmologist (eye specialist doctor), then we are able to either refer you through the public hospital system or privately. We will recommend the doctor we think is the best match for your eye problem, and also, for you.

“Thanks Kylie Yes, I was very relieved with the result. Thanks again – better to be safe than sorry”- Elizabeth

Kylie Optometrists Auckland

Kylie Dreaver, optometrist

Super Optometrists Auckland

Super Optometrists Auckland

We will explain our findings to you and recommend whether you need any visual correction and when it would be used. We welcome any questions you have about your eyes and vision, this is what we are here to do. We will make a recommendation when you are here at your eye test as to when we should check your eyes again. Often for spectacle wearers its every two years and for contact lens wearers, every year. We may suggest we see you more often if we are monitoring for rapid prescription change, a strong family history of eye disease or for younger or older patients. Be assured we will contact you to let you know when you are next due, which always goes faster than you think!

It might very well be that our recommendation is that you are seeing well and you need no change to your current glasses and /or contact lenses. We may suggest that some supplements may be beneficial. We may even give you some “eyelid homework”- treatments to do at home to improve your oil glands in your eyelid to improve dry eyes and reduce the risk of a stye forming.  Click here for more on how we can help with your dry eyes.

Once you have had your eye examination we will then help you with solutions form correcting your vision. This may include glasses, prescription or non prescription sunglasses or contact lenses. Choosing the right frame for your prescription (and looks great on you), is all part of the process. Click here for more on frames.

Contact lenses are a popular option to correct vision, whether for everyday wear or for occasional wear for sport or going out. Kylie and Isla both like to flaunt their eyewear while at work, but have the opportunity to have a change and wear contacts for evenings and weekends. There are so many newer, healthier options in contact lenses, click here for more information. In New Zealand contact lenses are a prescription item, so its essential to have an up to date eye test to purchase them. Many times we have been surprised how much we can upgrade our patients’ contact lenses in terms of technology when they come in for an eye test.


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