Contact lenses

Contact lenses – a great option!

Contact lenses are a fantastic option for correcting your vision when you play sport,  are going out, or as an every day alternative to spectacles. Contact lenses have changed so much in the past two decades, due to huge advances in technology with the materials they are made of, and how they are manufactured.

Most people can wear their prescription corrected in a disposable contact lens these days, and if not, there are great custom-made designs as well. Some contact lenses even have a UV filter in the material they are made of, giving your eyes even more protection.

We always recommend the best, healthiest option for your eyes that is available in your prescription.

Why do I need a regular eye test if I wear contact lenses?

Something that we get asked almost everyday is “this is my number, can I buy contact lenses?” Contact lenses can’t be sold in New Zealand without a valid prescription, and contact lens wearers need an eye examination every year to check that their eyes are healthy, and their contact lenses aren’t causing any problems. Millions is spent in research and development by contact lens manufacturers and at your annual eye examination with us we will inform you of any new contact lenses that might be appropriate for you. Sometimes it is a healthier material, sometimes it is a more comfortable material due to a new wetting agent, sometimes it is a new optical design offering clearer vision.

We ensure that we remind you when you are due for your eye examination. Many times we have seen some early signs of problems developing due to contact lens wear, and have been able to make changes before things get worse. We can also help when problems have developed, as both Isla and Kylie are therapeutically qualified, meaning we can prescribe eye medications.

“My appointment went well, he thinks virus so no steroids. Good call on your part. He said no contacts for a while to let the eyes rest and heal, but for an hr or two if necessary.  Thx!!!”-Allison

How do I buy contact lenses?

If you have never worn contact lenses before we will do a complete eye test. Once we know your prescription, and how often you want to wear contact lenses, and in what situations, we will recommend a contact lens to try. There are many different types of contact lenses, we can recommend what is right for your eyes and lifestyle. We will then check some trial contact lenses on your eyes, to see that they fit well, and you can see clearly. Once you have been shown how to correctly put them in and take them out, how to clean and care for them, and been given information about safe contact lens wear, you will have a chance to try them for a few days. The contact lenses are worn in for another appointment, and we re-evaluate them, to make sure everything is going well for safe, comfortable contact lens wear. It’s our job to check that the contact lenses are appropriate.

The easiest way to order your contact lenses is from us. We have all your details on file, and will ensure that you receive the correct product and power. We are able to match internet pricing for several brands, all you need do is send us a screenshot of your pricing, including freight, and we will take care of the rest. We can even arrange direct delivery to your preferred address at no charge for some brands.

Links to our major disposable contact lens manufacturers: